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Liquid Applied Roofing

"Liquid Applied Roofing…for when it’s not a new roof you need, but a better roof."

Metal roofs seldom wear out; they’re lost from lack of maintenance. RTD Roofing can stop roof leaks and save you energy and money. With our liquid applied roofing we can solve your roof problems and add another five to ten years to your existing metal or EPDM rubber roof.

This application is great for flat and low pitched commercial roofing. This comprehensive coating system seals and locks in every fastener beneath a seamless rubber membrane that moves as needed. It adapts to any shape and performs in all climates.

This durable solution is available in twelve attractive colors. See the color chart for colors available.

  • The first step is preparation. We power wash and treat the rust and corrosion with Rust Arrestor™.
  • The next step is to check all fasteners. We tighten the fasteners that are loose and add new ones if necessary. Each fastener is sealed tight with Rivet Guard™.
  • The third step is to treat all seams with Rivet Guard™, which eliminates the source of most future roof leaks and apply Polyprene® rubber to all flashings.
  • Now for the final step, the surface. We use Topps Seal® seamless weatherproofing to complete the process with a durable, weather resistant, attractive barrier.

This process can also be used on the walls of metal buildings. So if your metal building is starting to look old and worn out, give us a call and let us give your metal building a fresh new look and prevent future leaks and rust.

Do you own a commercial building that has a flat or low pitched metal or EPDM rubber roof that needs maintenance work done? If you do, contact us and we will set up an appointment with you to inspect your roof and provide you with a customized quote to fix your roof and save you money all at the same time.